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Women's day and anti-domestic violence lecture

Women's day and anti-domestic violence lecture

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2018/06/22 10:53

  In order to improve the women's legal consciousness and the ego to protect consciousness, initiate the entire society together against domestic violence, on the morning of March 8 group, women's federation held against domestic violence lectures, propaganda against family violence law knowledge. This lecture specially invited the shaoxing family education research institute member, the shaoxing city yue city people's court special employment mediator qian guozheng expert lecturing, all female compatriots in the zhongxia group listen to the lecture.
  Domestic violence is described as "family cancer", which not only directly damages women's physical and mental health and personal dignity, but also seriously affects family stability and social harmony. Lecture Qian Guozheng experts first combined with relevant cases, detailed interpretation of the definition of family violence, types, characteristics, and the causes of the formation of the dangers of domestic violence, domestic violence and how to get rid of domestic violence, how to deal with family conflict, etc. Second, do to the anti-family violence law focuses on, including the prevention of domestic violence, rights protection method, and the application of personal safety protection and legal responsibility, etc., to domestic violence as actively guide women compatriots, change the traditional concept of "it's an ill bird that fouls its own nest", calls on their sets up the ego to protect consciousness, learn to use legal means to safeguard the legitimate rights and interests of themselves, in the face of family violence, to achieve "zero tolerance", is not tolerated.
  Through this lecture, the majority of women against domestic violence awareness, help people to establish healthy and civilized marriage and family idea, enhances the ability of its rights in accordance with the law, to promptly resolve family conflicts at the same time, maintain social stability also played a role.